Our Services

Voice Production for the Entertainment Industries

We provide scalable, end-to-end audio solutions for game developers, broadcasters and streaming platforms, and content producers.

We specialise in voice casting, dialogue recording, performance capture, ADR, dubbing & VO, and audio postproduction.

We can also facilitate a host of other services including sound design and implementation, music licensing, composition, supervision and content globalisation.


Alfred Hitchcock once said that 90% of successful movie making is in the casting, and this ethos is at the heart of what we do. We help our clients and partners build dynamic, immersive worlds with unforgettable characters and narratives. We pride ourselves on showcasing the extraordinary talent that London has to offer, but will happily look beyond our shores when needed, leveraging a global network of trusted partners to find you the perfect voice. A wealth of in-house passion and knowledge plus excellent relationships with London’s top tier theatrical and voice agents enable us to bring flair, diversity, and authenticity to your characters. Our central location and relaxed environment provide the creative freedom necessary for actors to give your project something special.

Voice Recording

Our mission is to help our clients produce engaging, immersive audio experiences. Our talented production team and gorgeous facilities provide the technology and resources necessary to support you throughout every stage of the dialogue production process. We'll handle talent negotiations, bookings and scheduling, script adaptation, voice direction, recording, and performance capture, and use industry-leading asset management and tracking solutions to ensure every single line of dialogue that comes through our door or out of the booth is accounted for!

Post Production

Asset management | Dialogue Clean-up | Voice Design | Mastering | Mixing

Our post production team will crop, sync, clean-up, and master you files, then package them for delivery so they are ready to go. If you need your recordings processed and effects added, we can also take care of the the voice design work for you too, whether it's a light reverb or a full-on monster effect (RAAWR!) we will work to your brief. Importantly, we understand that you don't always want it all and specialise in adapting our involvement to reflect your needs.


Get in touch. We are a friendly bunch.

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